New Features Ahoy!

We’ve launched a couple of new features that we hope you’re going to enjoy.

Edit Category

Ever asked a biology question but accidentally chose the health category instead? We’ve made the change to allow you to ask your question and edit the category after it has been posted. There is no time limit to edit your category and you can recategorize your old questions too.

So if you’re not happy with the answers you have received to your question in the Dining Out category and want to see what the foodies in the Food & Drink category could contribute, you can move your question there.

Additionally, our Level 7 users who have contributed to so much to the site for so long now have the ability to recategorize any question that may have fallen into the wrong category.

Ask and Answer Anonymously

We know that there are some questions that we would rather ask and some answers we’d rather give privately. This is why we have launched the option to make your question or answer anonymous.

With this change, you can now choose to “hide” your profile from appearing next to the content after posting your question or answer. To make your question or answer anonymous, simply click “edit” and select the “make anonymous” option.

When you choose to make your question or answer anonymous, it will not appear in your history or in your network’s stream.

Note that making your question or answer anonymous will not have any effect on the content of the question or answer.

You will still get points for answering anonymously, and anonymous questions still cost points. Anonymous questions and answers are, of course, still subject to our Community Guidelines and any reported misuse of the feature will be acted upon.

Commenting Enhancements

We have removed the daily limits on Commenting so you are now free to comment on answers, discuss, debate, clarify and of course, thank other users for helpful answers.

You can also delete your own comments, should you wish.

More Answers – Fewer Ads

Finally we’re glad to announce that we have removed the ads below questions for some of our most active users. We’ve listened to your feedback and we know you guys are not fans of advertisements getting in the way of sharing your knowledge and experience. So Level 4 to level 7 users will no longer see these ads.

We hope you like these changes. Our team is listening, and we’re constantly iterating and testing to create the best user experience for our community.

Please tell us what you think about the changes and share your ideas for further enhancements on our Feedback Forum. .

Thanks for reading

Yahoo Answers team