Happy Mother’s Day?

Guest Blogger:

Mother’s day is this weekend and it’s celebrated in many places around the world including Latin America. In celebration of mothers day Spanish retailer Desigual released this ad. It shows an attractive women trying on a dress in a fitting room, then slipping a pillow underneath her dress to resemble a pregnant belly, and in the end she decides to poke holes in a condom as she smiles mischievously.

How cute is it to celebrate Mother’s day by telling your mother you just schemed, manipulated and hijacked sperm! I mean who wouldn’t be proud of a daughter like that? The ad concept is ridiculous, insulting to both men and women, and the people that created it were either looking for an instant viral hit, or are clearly people with questionable ethics and morals. But, what I’m really wondering is, what the hell does this have to do with Mother’s day?

Since when did getting knocked up with a sabotaged condom have anything to do with celebrating and appreciating your mother? I mean if showing how you became a mother is the angle advertisers and marketers want to start using then my mother will be getting a Hallmark card with a half naked couple in the backseat of a beater—Happy Mother’s day!

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Thanks for reading,
Ashu - Guest Blogger