Be a Regular Guest Blogger!

We receive emails regularly from many of you expressing your interest in writing a blog post on the Answers Tumblr blog.  Our success is down to our amazing community members, so we want to extend an offer to all you - the opportunity to volunteer a blog post and have it published right here!

This is your chance to have your voice heard, and have millions of people read your words! Please note we will not be accepting any blogs that promote your brand/site or spammy blogs.  So please do not send a blog about “How to make a website” or “How to make money online.”

How do I become a guest blogger?

Simple! Come up with a suggestion/topic or a full blog post and email it to

Here are a few tips and rules to follow:

Focus on what would interest the Answers Community.  We are open to most subject area, even if only slightly related to Answers. This could include educational, instructional or informative topics. 

Some examples are as follows: 

1. Subjects that you may have professional or personal experience in, for example if you have recently planned a wedding, you may want to pitch a topic on “How to organize a wedding?”

2. Or you could pitch ideas based on your personal experience on Answers, such as tips on getting the most out of Answers, things that could be improved, and anything that you would like to share with the Answers community.

If you use any Answers content in your blog posts, it should adhere to the Community Guidelines .

Finally, the legal bit - your blog will be featured on the site in accordance with our Terms of Service. We reserve the right to translate and make editorial changes to your blog if selected. We look forward to hearing from you!  

Thanks for reading,

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