Why do Bars Put Ice in the Urinals?

*Secret Revealed*

Ladies probably don’t know this, but the urinals in men’s bathrooms, usually at bars or clubs, sometimes have ice in them.


Even though many men have seen this, they don’t usually know why it’s there.

Well, auto flush exists because some people don’t flush. Urinal cakes exist because some people don’t flush. So of course, ice exists in urinals because some people don’t flush.

But, why would they use ice instead of urinal cakes or auto flush systems?

Because ice is cheap and readily available. When patrons urinate on the cold ice, the ice melts and flushes away the urine. Some bar owners say it works even better than urinal cakes because it actually flushes the urine instead of just trying to deodorize it.

It doesn’t hurt that it provides entertainment and encourages accuracy too.

Chad Upton is the editor-in-chief of Broken Secrets and an official Yahoo Answers contributor.

Article: http://brokensecrets.com/2013/07/31/why-bars-put-ice-in-the-urinals/