Would You Rather…Buy or Make?


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The Yamster attempted to put up a shelf this past weekend. It did not end well. Perhaps he should brush up on some tips from the folks over at  Yahoo DIY.

Nevertheless, the Yamster is conflicted - sure, the shelf is crooked, but it felt good making it. Then again, it will collapse if we put anything on it.

So here’s our question:

Would you rather have the wealth to buy whatever you want, or the talent to make what you need?

Ask your own #WYR-question on Answers today. The best questions will will get a points reward for job well done.

And please remember to include “Would you rather” in your question in order for us to find your question.

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Ask a Question Box!

Lately, we have given our Ask Box a bit of a purple facelift. It’s much bigger and brighter so you can easily ask all your burning questions.


Just start typing your question where it says What’s up? If you want to add multimedia to your question, you can do that! Simply click on Photo and add your photo or video saved on your computer.


If you want to add details to your question, to give the community more context, you can do that too! Simply click on Details (BEFORE you submit your question) and just add your details in the space. Then click Submit.


If you want more room to ask your question and provide as much detail as possible, we can help you with that too! Just click on Expand and the question box will be available to you..full size!


We really hope you like the new Ask Box better! Now you have plenty of room to ask your knowledge-seeking questions where you can easily include details or even multimedia.

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Discover & Answers Tab

We’ve taken the ten possible question streams we used to have and whittled them down to just two – Discover and Answer.


The new Discover tab gives you a stream of questions that people in your network have asked, answered, followed or rated, as well as questions that are currently popular amongst other Answers users.


You can choose which of these options to display in the Discover tab by clicking on the “Customize Feed” icon on the right of the tab, check the boxes you want and click “Apply”.



The new Answer tab is designed to give you a personalized stream of questions on the subjects you are interested in.


To personalize your Answer tab, simply click on the “Customize Feed” pin wheel and select the type of questions you want to appear in your stream.


You can choose any or all of the following options:

  • No Best Answer – only show questions that have not received a best answer vote by the asker

  • Expand all descriptions – choose to view just the question, or the question and its description

  • Recommended for me – view questions that we think you might be interested in based on your answering history (note, the “Recommended for me” will display questions in your stream based on relevance rather than time. So the first question we recommend for you may not be the most recent)

  • From my Network – view questions that people in your network have asked. Questions from your network are ordered chronologically.

  • My Categories – you can choose to view questions from all categories, or filter for the categories and subcategories you are most interested in. To choose a category or subcategory, click on “Manage” and check the category, or click on the category name to select from the list its subcategories. Questions from your selected categories always display the newest first.

  • Saved Searches – when you want to see questions on a very specific topic, you can choose show results from your saved searches. Simply select from your list of current saved searches, or click on “Manage” to create a new one. You can have up to 10 saved searches.

When you’re done personalizing your stream, click “Apply” and get answering on topics tailored for you!

If you have a question or need help try here!

Would You Rather… Tuesday!


There’s some people who talk way too low, or way too loud. Everyone knows that one girl who only speaks in whispers like she’s talking to herself all the time, or that guy who yells everything like Gilbert Gottfried.

So tell us:

Answer this question and ask your own “Would you rather” question, using the hashtag #WYR.

That’s the last of our questions in this season of hashtags, but we hope you like it. And stay tuned for more special questions! :D

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Yahoo Answers Team
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What Would You Do… Monday!


This is probably what you’re thinking if your friend forgot to introduce you to someone. While the conversation keeps going…many thoughts cross your mind. And you might feel a little awkward. Has this happened to you?

We are sure its happened at lease once, this uncomfortable situation. But we’re interested to know “what you would do.”

So tell us your experience, your story and how you get out of this tricky and prickly moment:

"What would you do… if you weren’t introduced?"

Don’t forget to ask your own #WWYD questions to get the benefit of some sweet extra points.

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Yahoo Answers Team

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Top Tips… Friday!


You’re eating at the lunch table. All alone. You’re sitting at home. With nothing to do. You’re staring at your cell phone. With no one to talk to. Do you catch our drift? No worries! The Answers Team and community is here to help you. Especially if you’re a bit shy or just moved to a new city. We got you covered!

So today we’re asking:

What are your top tips for meeting new people?

C’mon help us out! How do you start fresh at a new place? What are some ways in the past, you’ve been able to make friends? Answer our question and then ask your own Top Tip question using the hashtag #TT. We’ll award points to some great questions with at least 15 answers.

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Sink Plungers are Not Toilet Plungers

**Secret Revealed**

Article: http://bit.ly/1BdmbTd

Thankfully, my current home has good plumbing and I haven’t needed a plunger in a long time. But, I can’t say the same about previous places, especially some of those places in college!

The best way to get a plunger to work well is to use the right plunger. There are two main types of plungers: toilet plungers and general purpose plungers (for almost everything other than toilets).

Sinks and floor drains are typically flat, so a flat plunger is ideal. But toilet drains are typically curved and the curvature can vary widely among models. That means a flat sink plunger isn’t well suited for creating a seal and getting proper suction around the curvature of a toilet drain. You need good suction to clear a blockage and you’ll get better suction if you use a plunger with a flanged bottom to match the curve of the toilet drain.

Chad Upton is a blogger for Broken Secrets and an official Yahoo Answers contributor.