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We’re hoping the weather holds up this weekend here in Answers HQ because we’re planning a barbeque.

The grill is ready, the charcoal is heating up and the Yamster has bought himself a fetching new apron. Now we just need to plan what we’re going to try not to burn  cook. Which gave us the inspiration for our Word of the Day - Recipe!

We’ve been checking out some recipes from our Foodie friends over at Yahoo Food, but we’d like your help.

So tell us: What are your best recipes for a summer barbeque?

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What’s Good to Know About… Wednesday?


Expectations go beyond the galaxy about what college might bring. But we also think about all the important things you should know or would be grateful someone told you before starting such a great stage in life.

So grab all your sweet memories and share with us today:

What is good to know about college?

We are all sure that all those innocent freshman will appreciate your good will for them.

Get curious and Ask your own #GoodToKnow question on Answers today. They will be happily rewarded with some wisdom points.

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Would you rather… Tuesday!


The 9 to 5 routine can be stressful, or can be the best part of your day. It can give you all the money you want, or barely the money you need. So tell us:

Would you rather be poor and work at a job you love or be rich and work at a job you hate?

Answer our question, and do your own question starting with “Would you rather”. And it’s our job and duty to give you a lot of extra points!

Start asking now!
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More Funny Questions and Answers!


Thanks for all your submissions last week! We’re featuring more funny questions, and as per request, funny ANSWERS as well!


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What Would You Do… Monday!

The start of a new week can mean you’re trying something new this week. Like cliff diving.


OK, maybe not that extreme on a Monday, but we all have that thing we would’ve tried by now if we weren’t afraid. So tell us,

What would you do if you had the courage to?

And certainly don’t be afraid to ask your own WWYD question!

Points for trying new things and hypothetical scenarios. And speaking of courage, huge shout out to this guy!

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Word of the Day… Thursday!


Salary, debt, credit cards, loans, mortgage, investment - when talking about money there is lots of ground to cover. That’s why today on Answers it’s all about the green paper that makes the world go round!

Head over to Answers and ask your Money-question now! And let us know how you would answer the following question:

Money: How much do wealth and happiness correlate in your opinion?

As always we are giving out extra-points for good questions. So if you want us to find your question on the ‘Word of the day’, please add the words ‘WOTD’ or ‘Money’ into your question.

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Is Japan’s Coastline Longer Than Australia’s?

**Secret Revealed**

Article: http://bit.ly/1BeCCS5

I often come across the statement that Japan’s coastline is longer than Australia’s.

Although Australia has more than 20 times more land area than Japan, Japan actually has a longer coastline according to the World Factbook. The World Factbook, published by the CIA, lists Australia’s coastline at 25,760 km (16,007 miles) and Japan’s at 29,751 km (18,486 miles).

As you can see in the graphic above, Japan fits comfortably inside of Australia. So, how is it possible that it has a longer coastline?

Australia is mostly one large island (I know it’s not technically an island) with the majority of its land inside the coastal boundary. In comparison, Japan is made up of 6,852 islands and has a wildly meandering coastline. The meandering coastline brings up an interesting challenge when measuring coastlines: they’re not straight lines.

It’s easy to measure straight lines, the length is always the shortest distance from the beginning to the end. Measuring curved lines involved more complicated math. To simplify the problem, the curved lines are broken up into short straight lines that approximately represent the actual shape.

The fewer the lines, the easier the calculation:

Of course, fewer lines also means a less accurate measurement. You can see with more lines (more points of reference) the total length of the lines will be longer:

One potential problem with the CIA World Factbook is that we don’t know if the measurement of Japan and Australia’s coastlines were done with the same precision.

So, lets look at coastline data from the World Resources Institute, where we know the calculations of each coastline were made with a consistent level of precision. In that dataset, Australia’s coastline is more than double Japan’s. In that case Japan’s coastline is almost the same as the CIA Factbook at 29,020 km (18,032 miles) while Australia’s has jumped to 66,530 km (41,340 miles).

Australia’s coastline is almost triple the length using what we have to assume is a higher precision measurement.

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Chad Upton is a blogger for Broken Secrets and an official Yahoo Answers contributor.

Sources: CIA (Japan, Australia), Wikipedia (Australia, Countries by Length of Coastline)

What’s Good to Know About…Being Left Handed?


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Scissors, pens, can openers - All everyday items that right-handed people take for granted but cause no end of suffering to the lefties in our lives.

With today being International Left Handers Day, we want to understand and celebrate everything interesting about being a southpaw - the struggles, the benefits, the character traits, Scarlett Johansson, the incessant wondering by right-handed people about how someone can write like that…

So tell us, what’s good to know about being left handed?

Curious about something? Ask your #GoodToKnow question on Answers today.

We promise to ambidextrously award points to the most popular #GoodToKnow questions of the week.

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