Word of the Day - Health


Every start of the year we start off strong in our workouts and actually going to the gym. But then about a few months in we start to go less and less!

Diet is a very important part in our lives! You need to balance exercise and eating healthy. So we want HEALTH to be our Word of the Day! You don’t have to use the word “health” in your question, but feel free to ask a health-related question!

We’ll go first:

What do you do to stay fit throughout the year?

Share with us your secrets and then ask your own questions about health. The questions with at least 20 answers will be rewarded with some extra healthy points.

Thanks for reading,

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Good to Know… Wednesday!


It must be tough dealing with the distance, but at least when you meet your significant other, you’ll have so much to talk about! But before you get in a relationship with someone from another city, state, or even country, tell us:

What’s good to know about long distance relationships?

Answer our question, and do your own question starting in “What’s good to know about..”, with the hashtag #GTK.

Ask asking now!

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Would You Rather… Tuesday!


Imagine you are in a house in the country side far away from anyone. The first town nearby is 10 miles. You have to stay there for the night and… maybe longer. The house is empty, full of rooms and noises. In this situation, you have only two choices we offer you: be alone or be with someone you really don’t like.

Answer our question of the day in honor of our #WYR:

Would you rather be stuck in a scary house all alone or with someone you hate?

Now it’s your turn! Think of your own question starting with “Would you rather”. And we’ll be giving you points if your question gets more than 20 answers!

Start asking now!

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What Would You Do… Monday!


There you are. Minding your own business. Looking at the latest styles of fall clothing when out of the corner of your eye you see someone steal an item from the store. They just put it in their oversized bag and didn’t pay for it. What would you honestly do?

Whether it’s a customer or even a co-worker, and you happen to see them take something…food, clothing, jewelry, etc.

In honor of our #WWYD Monday, we are asking:

What would you do if you saw someone shoplifting?

Answer our question and then ask your own What Would You Do question! And for being honest, we’ll award the questions with the most answers!

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Yahoo Answers Team

Top Tips… Friday!


Did you know that August is National Sandwich Month?! You didn’t? Well, never mind, neither did we.

What’s essentially more important in our opinion, is knowing how to make the perfect sandwich. To know what it consists of, how you avoid a mushy mess and balance the ingredients for a perfect bite & even better taste!

That’s why we are asking you on today’s top top-Friday:

What are your top tips on making the perfect sandwich?

Please head over to Answers and share your top tips with the community.

And don’t forget to ask your own top tip-question today, marking it either with the word “top tip” or “#TT” so we can find it and award you some points for it!

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Word of the Day…Recipe

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We’re hoping the weather holds up this weekend here in Answers HQ because we’re planning a barbeque.

The grill is ready, the charcoal is heating up and the Yamster has bought himself a fetching new apron. Now we just need to plan what we’re going to try not to burn  cook. Which gave us the inspiration for our Word of the Day - Recipe!

We’ve been checking out some recipes from our Foodie friends over at Yahoo Food, but we’d like your help.

So tell us: What are your best recipes for a summer barbeque?

Ask your own Recipe question today and we’ll dish out some deliciously tasty extra-points for the most popular questions. Please remember to add the words ‘WOTD’ or ‘Recipe’ into your question.

Thanks for reading,
Yahoo Answers Team

What’s Good to Know About… Wednesday?


Expectations go beyond the galaxy about what college might bring. But we also think about all the important things you should know or would be grateful someone told you before starting such a great stage in life.

So grab all your sweet memories and share with us today:

What is good to know about college?

We are all sure that all those innocent freshman will appreciate your good will for them.

Get curious and Ask your own #GoodToKnow question on Answers today. They will be happily rewarded with some wisdom points.

Thanks for reading,

Yahoo Answers Team

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Would you rather… Tuesday!


The 9 to 5 routine can be stressful, or can be the best part of your day. It can give you all the money you want, or barely the money you need. So tell us:

Would you rather be poor and work at a job you love or be rich and work at a job you hate?

Answer our question, and do your own question starting with “Would you rather”. And it’s our job and duty to give you a lot of extra points!

Start asking now!
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