What’s good to know about…Wednesday!

Would you buy this car today if I saved you another $2000?” We’ve all heard this before and it usually involves buying a car.

We’re sure many of you got your first car by either: buying one, stealing one or being given one. For our blog sake and question, let’s say you’ve already bought a car. So share what you know!


Starting on Wednesdays, we’re going to ask questions with the theme “What’s good to know about…?” We encourage you to share your experiences and list facts about the topic.

So let’s get started…

What’s good to know about buying a car?

We won’t lie like those sleazy car salesman, as always we’ll actually award you points! So keep an eye on them!

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Celebrating Senses - Winners


Thanks to everyone who participated in our Celebration of Senses last week! We awarded the top 3 most popular questions for each sense and also awarded points to GREAT answers to those questions. (You can see that in the comments section on Answers).

Delight of Sight

1st - How often do you watch sports? 500 points
2nd - What TV shows do you like to watch? 300 points
3rd - Has your view of the opposite gender changed? 150 points

Joy of Sound

1st - Do you agree that silence is the sweetest sound you’ve never heard? 500 points
2nd - What song do you listen to almost every day of the week? 300 points
3rd - What bands do you listen to? 150 points

Bliss of Smell

1st - Do you think its rude to cover your mouth and nose around a smoker? 500 points
2nd - What’s the nastiest smell you have ever experienced? 300 points
3rd - What song might you recall that relates to smell? 150 points

Adventure of Taste

1st - Do you like the taste of beer? 500 points
2nd - What is your favorite flavor of mountain dew? 300 points
3rd - What have you done to make your food taste better? 150 points

Impact of Touch

1st - How are you feeling right now? 1000 points
2nd - How do you feel about yourself? 600 points
3rd - What is the hottest temperature you have ever felt outside? 300 points

For the next several weeks (starting with this one), we’ll be having a different question theme for each day of the week. Today’s Would You Rather Tuesday!

Ask your own WYR question!

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Would you rather…Tuesday!

Would you rather … be the most popular kid in school or the smartest?


Starting on Tuesdays, Answers will be all about choices! Because making the right one, not only reveals a great deal about you, but it’s a fun game once you get started…

So answer our fun Tuesday question and then ask your own fun WYR-question!

What you have to do so that your answer is selected as ‘best answer’?

Convince us that your choice is the smartest/best/funniest way to resolve the given situation. Heck, add an image or a video to your answer and we will award you with 50 bonus points!


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What Would You Do…Monday!


We’ve all been there - Left hanging, the initial enthusiasm draining awkwardly and slowly away.

So tell us, What Would You Do if…someone didn’t return your high five?

Ask your own WWYD question on Answers today. The most popular WWYD questions and answers of the week will be rewarded with a digital high five.

Points. We mean points.

Ask Answers “What would you do if…”

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Celebrating Senses - Day 5: The Impact of “Touch”


noun, verb.

  1. to perceive or sense by means of physical contact.

Today’s our final day in Celebrating Senses! Today’s sense, last but certainly not least, is “Touch!” We’re giving out mega points today for the best questions and answers related to touch and feeling. Last chance to ask a touch question!

Here’s ours:

What does love feel like?

Stay tuned for next week - we’ll be announcing the winning questions and answers for each sense!

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Celebrating Senses - Day 4: The Adventure of Taste


noun, verb.

  1. to perceive or distinguish the flavor of. 

We’re on our second to last day of Celebrating Senses with “taste" as today’s featured sense! We’re giving a bunch of points to questions related to flavor, palate, and all other things taste-related. Don’t forget to ask one today! You can also see our hashtags for more question ideas.

So here’s our taste question for today:

What imaginary or mythical creature would taste the best (or worst), and why?

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