Would You Rather… Tuesday!


No more unhappy love affairs, no conflicts, no jealousy, no curiosity. Just imagine again how your world would be like if you were able to read or control people’s thoughts?

Wouldn’t be that exciting? Maybe?

In our WYR Tuesday our question for you is:

Would you rather read people’s mind or change people’s mind?

Get the power of this special gift and share with us your answer.

Don’t forget to ask your own #WYR questions to get the benefit of some sweet extra points. You might even get a level upgrade with that little boost!

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Top Tips… Friday!


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Are you one of those people who start every single Monday swearing that this particular week won’t get out of hand like the last one? And every single Friday you find yourself yet again wiped out, stressed out, exhausted?

Today on Answers we are searching for strategies to get rid of that feeling - forever!

What steps have helped you feel less stressed in the past? What are good ways to relax in the course of a busy week? What are your personal top tips?

Head over to Answers and answer our question today: And in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day….

Ahoy mateys, what Aarrr your top tips for feeling less stressed?

And don’t forget to ask your own top tip question!

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Word of the Day… Television!


Oh September… it seems this month reminds us that fall is coming! Summer is in the past, it’s going to get colder, the leaves are going to change and…our shows COME BACK ON!

Yes, if you’re looking for something good in September it’s obviously the new Fall TV Season (well, unless it’s your birthday or anniversary, then this would be second on your list)

In honor of Fall TV 2014, our word of the day is Television.

Which new or returning television show are you most excited for?

And if you have no idea what’s coming…we have you covered. Yahoo TV has your everything guide to the new season, including premiere dates (gasp!)

Answer our question today and then ask your own “television” question. We’ll of course give you points if your question gets at least 15 answers!

Happy Watching!

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Good To Know About… Women!


Last week, we asked you to share with us your knowledge about men. This week - to be fair - we would like to ask you to unravel the biggest mysteries about women. 

Our #GTK question of the day: What’s good to know about women?
Answer our question here and then ask your own “Good To Know” question. You know the drill by now: We’ll award points to questions that get at least 20 answers. Oh heck, why not lower the bar to 12 answers. How does that sound?

Start asking today!

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Would You Rather…Popularity


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Our recent Answers BBQ was, shall we say, poorly attended. We’re blaming the weather. It was simply too sunny and pleasant for people to want to eat delicious marinated meat outdoors. 

But it got us thinking, if we had to choose an important event in our lives for our family and friends to back out of, what would it be?

Here’s our question:

Would you rather no guests showed up for your wedding or you funeral?

Ask your own #WYR-question on Answers today. The best questions will will get points. Lots of points.

Please remember to include “Would you rather” in your question in order for us to find your question. If you don’t, it’s kind of like inviting people to a party without giving them the address.

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Problems Posting

Problems Posting:

Thank you for telling us about the issues you are having posting a question. We are working on fixing the problem ASAP.

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What Would You Do… Monday!


It’s been years of speculation about life in the outer space. Some researchers even dare to predict that in 20 years it will be official news that we are not alone… at least not in this galaxy. Imagine how the introduction between humans and aliens would go. So tell us:

What would you do if aliens arrived on Earth and you were the special one to greet them?

Of course we know you would make the best of introductions.

Start the week being brave and ask your own #WWYD questions. The questions with at least 20 answers will be rewarded with some intergalactic points!

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Top Tips… Friday!


"Show me the smile!" (translation)

Yesterday we asked for your best chocolate recipes. But today, let’s clean those teeth and get rid of all the candy, so they don’t ruin that beautiful smile of yours! Tell us:

What are your top tips to keep your teeth healthy?

And if you’re concerned with bad breath, here are some tips on foods to avoid!

And don’t forget to ask your own questions about Top Tips If you get 20 or more answers we’ll award you with extra confident points. Add the hashtag #TT so we can easily find you.

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